These 8 Recommended Business Simulation Games Will Give You Knowledge To Be An Entrepreneur

These 8 Recommended Business Simulation Games Will Give You Knowledge To Be An Entrepreneur

Realistic Business Simulation Games Can Teach You Practical Fundamentals of Management To Manage Your Business. The Main Purpose Of This Educational Game Is To Develop Experience In Creating A Successful Business.

Today many people love to play games and even get addicted. In fact, games were created to entertain people. Even today, many games are deliberately created to challenge your competitive side. As a result, there are lots of simulation-themed games that are quite brain-racking and quite challenging.

Simulation games are usually presented in a business theme. Realistic business simulation games can teach you the practical basics of managing a business. The main objective of this educational game is to develop managerial skills and experience in creating a successful business.

These 8 Recommended Business Simulation Games Will Give You Knowledge To Be An Entrepreneur

These 8 Recommended Business Simulation Games Will Give You Knowledge To Be An Entrepreneur
These 8 Recommended Business Simulation Games Will Give You Knowledge To Be An Entrepreneur

This game also generally asks you to start a business from scratch to slowly develop it. The level of difficulty and obstacles of this game varies depending on the level. For some games, you just need to follow the storyline and solve the odd things in between. Curious about anything? Here, the WowKeren team summarizes 8 business games that are suitable for those of you who like challenges. Let’s see! These 8 Recommended Business Simulation Games

1. Monopoly

Who doesn’t know monopoly? board games that are often played by many people are now also present in the form of application games. Just like the board game version, this game allows gamers to negotiate, manage finances, prevent bankruptcy, take advantage of the momentum and beat business opponents.

This game is almost the same as the game you used to do when you were a kid. Unfortunately, for each theme you have to pay a certain amount of money and each theme is not contained in the same application so that it seems like a waste of memory storage.

2. Make It Rain: Love Of Money

Make It Rain: Love of Money is a unique game because even though the gameplay offered is very simple, this game teaches you basic things about money which are very important. The way to play is very simple, you just swipe a piece of money from a large pile of money. Every money you swipe successfully will go to your account. The goal is to collect as much money as you can.

It looks simple, but this game has taught me a lot about money. This game makes players have to work hard to earn money, but once you get enough money then you can invest and let the money work for you. This game is perfect for those of you who want to understand how the rich get their money.

3. Air Tycoon Online

This android game is a very complex game and has many features that will hone your skills in doing business. Air Tycoon Online offers a game where you will manage an airline. The flight routes that you can open in this game are not only limited to a city but throughout the world.

The basics of business in this game are very complete if you are interested in experiencing the airline business. This can happen because in this game you will find out what is needed to open an airline. In fact, you will be given technical knowledge about the technology of an airplane as a whole.

4. Billionaire

Billionaire is a simple game with one main goal: to become the richest person in the world by ruling several business sectors at once. Through this game, you will be given an initial capital to make a business investment by selling services or goods like in the real world.

For example, you can build a hotdog shop, a lemon seller, or a gift wrapper. All of these business units are a form of capital conversion provided to multiply the capital and earn profits. This game will help you to understand the basics of opening a business from zero to large.

5. Trade Hero

An application that simulates the rules, games and the ups and downs of stock prices according to the real world. Issuers are also popular companies such as Apple, Coca-Cola, Sony, Nike, and so on. With this game you will learn to deal with stock game situations whose rules are exactly the same as in the real world.

The cool thing is, the ups and downs of the stock prices listed in the game are adjusted to the company’s stock prices in the real world. Through this game you will know the practice of investing in stocks directly and this can be your provision to invest in stocks directly. Unfortunately, this game is not available on Google Play but is only available on the Apple App Store.

6. Cooking Academy: Restaurant Royale

This game has the concept of managing a restaurant business. Cooking Academy: Restaurant Royale provides business lessons where in managing a restaurant you must be able to take into account various aspects so that the business being run is able to provide significant profits.

These aspects are very important because the thing that is the customer’s assessment of a restaurant is the taste of the food served. If you serve bad food to customers, of course they will not choose your restaurant as a recommendation for a place to eat. Through this game, you will learn various aspects of success in business.

7. My Supermarket Story

My Supermarket Story is a business simulation themed game, where you will manage a supermarket to turn it into a large and complete supermarket. To manage the supermarket, of course you can sell a variety of different items and also unlock various other items that are much more profitable.

In addition, you can also bring in some super stars to attract the attention of the visitors. You will face various challenges and obstacles in this game. But you are also required to continue to innovate so that your business continues to grow and face these challenges.

8. Roller Coaster Tycoon Touch

Roller Coaster Tycoon is a game that is certainly familiar to those of you who are fans of simulation games. As an adaptation for the mobile version, of course this series is quite successful.

In this game itself, you have the task of building your own playground, by collecting up to hundreds of different rides, restaurants, shops, to various decorations provided. Of course, this game can be the right game if you have high creativity.

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