You can be more than just game player – recently, among the online games, Amongst Us, has been discussed by netizens. This game, which is consisted of in the “bluffing game” category, has attracted many individuals, from children to grownups. Although this kind of game has actually been about for a very long time (Werewolf, […]

Popular Esport Games in Southeast Asia

Popular esport games in southeast asia – there are many popular esports games in Southeast Asia that you might have played often times. Digital sporting activities or eSports appear to be progressively popular recently in Indonesia. Because some games are beginning to be seriously contended, also the eSport community has started to develop from the […]

Review And Gameplay Game God of War Ragnarok

Review And Gameplay Game God of War Ragnarok, continues the story of father-daughter pair Kratos and Atreus moments after PlayStation 4’s best-selling title, God of War. After years of speculation, God of War Ragnarok was confirmed as the game’s actual title, not just a fan nickname for the as-yet-untitled sequel based on the ominous warning […]

Tips for Playing Online Games

Tips for Playing Online Games, for gamers, increasing the rank of each game played is important. By increasing the rank , gamers will meet more difficult enemies and players so that playing skills will also increase. Tips for Playing Online Games, So that Ranks Go Up Fast, it takes the right strategy. Don’t worry, you […]

Learning Strategy to Play Mobile Legends Game

Learning strategy to play mobile legends game while playing, you can actually develop your ability to think tactically. You can use this ability to various other areas in daily life. Among them is developing a learning strategy. Inning accordance with Kak Fikri, the essential tactical ability is delaying momentary pleasure for a better target, or […]

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