History of Badminton and the Rules of the Game

History of badminton and the rules of the game, has developed since the moment of Old Egypt. This game is also loved by the global community, consisting of Indonesia. In truth, a variety of Indonesian professional athletes have succeeded in production Indonesia happy through badminton.


Badminton is among the many sports on the planet. Since a very long time, this sporting activity is popular and preferred by the community. A variety of valuable minutes, from Susi Susanti’s success at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona to the contribution of the Greysia Polii/Apriyani Rahayu gold medal at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics have also colored the history of badminton in Indonesia.

History of Badminton Badminton or badminton is a racket sporting activity played by 2 individuals (for songs) or more sets (for increases) versus each various other. History of badminton and the rules of the game

Mentioning the component “Shuttlecock/Kock Dance Wonderfully in the Air” which is accessed through the learning source web page, Ministry of Education and learning and Society, this sporting activity developed in Old Egypt about 2000 years back.

However, badminton has also started to be mentioned in India and China. The game of badminton is believed to have come from from the Chinese game, Jianzi, which involved the use shuttlecocks. However, the game is played without a racket. The item of the game is to maintain the shuttle bus from touching the ground as lengthy as feasible without the help of hands.

History of Badminton and the Rules of the Game
History of Badminton and the Rules of the Game

Badminton History

On the other hand, in England, in the Center Ages to be precise, many children began playing Battledores and Shuttlecocks. During that time, this game used paddles or sticks to maintain the shuttle bus from touching the ground. In the history of badminton, England brought this game to Japan, Japan, China and Thailand. Ever since, this game has become popular amongst children. On the other hand, the affordable sporting activity of badminton was produced by British Military policemans in Pune, India in the 19th century. During that time, they included the net and played it competitively. Later on, soldiers brought the game back to England in the 1850s.

The sporting activity obtained its present name in 1860 in a pamphlet qualified “Badminton Battledore – a brand-new game” by Issac Spratt, a British plaything dealer. The basic rules for the game of badminton wased initially written by the Badminton Bathroom club in 1877. On the other hand, in 1893 the British Badminton Organization was formed, and in 1899 the first worldwide champion was held.

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