Why Being a Local Supporter is better?

Millions of people watch all kinds of sports daily. Wait, make that billions, since this is really one of the most eye-catching types of entertainment globally. Sooner or later, a large part of those viewers become fans and supporters of one or the other sports club. Usually these are the biggest names in the field, since usually those are televised around the world. After all, becoming a fan of a football club in Kazakhstan will be quite the challenge when it comes to watching their games or even hearing about them.

Having that in mind, many will say – these are not true fans, they have nothing in common with the club. This is, of course, exactly right. After all, supporting a team means going to their games, singing the team songs, being part of the community in general. Many clubs, especially football teams, since this is officially the most popular sport in the world, really cherish what could be the reason why prices of player transfers, merchandise, tickets and TV rights are so incredibly high. And why wouldn’t they?At this point all of the largest, most famous clubs across Europe are brilliantly working international companies – bringing millions in debt, paying millions in salaries and registering record high profits, being a subject of competitive odds at betsafe and a vast sportsbooking businesses all over the world.

But this is so far from the roots of any kind of competition, that it almost makes it senseless. Truly, no one can deny, and no one will for that matter, the right of the viewers around the globe to take part in the wins and losses of their favorite team. But let’s be honest – what does Malaysia have in common with the football traditionally. But those fans are cultivated so that they can buy the annual merchandise?

After all sport is about culture, and this culture is live and most vivid where it has sprung from. This is why teams from sports not so internationally popular, holding their games in front of only a few hundred locals and travelling fans, tend to give their best performances in front of them. One can always see more passion, more thrill and more drama at any British rugby game, rather than expecting that from the modern day rock stars of football who are paid millions. This is because the players and coaches are doing all of this for their and their friends’ sakes, not for the money.

Betting on Rugby

Rugby is a popular sport that has decades long traditions with a number of leagues played around the world with teams from local clubs to big, multimillion clubs aiming for high prizes and budgets. The sport is full contact (just like American Football, but without the heavy protective gear), fast paced and full of drama, comebacks, etc. So it is a fun sport to watch and with changes in the game and unexpected results, this would mean that it is a pretty good sport to bet on. But how exactly does one bet on it?

First of all – learn the rules and the basic differences. For example, do you know the difference between a try, conversion and field (drop) goals – how are they accomplished, when are they possible, what score they bring? What are the differences between the rules of Rugby League and Rugby Union games? Do you know exactly what those two are?

What the odds at Betsafe for different events organized by those two are? These are the most basic of basics when it comes to Rugby games and this is why understanding them is essential.

Basically a try is what is known as touch-down in American Football, and in Rugby League it brings 4 points and is followed by a conversion, which brings another two if executed succesfully. So a try might add up to 6 points. Of course, they are hard to score, since they involve running past the whole defense of the opponent. If you check on that, many rugby games don’t show a great difference between the two sides with scores tight. Most importantly – one try could always make the difference.

The second thing is – almost like football again, the games have two halves, of 40 minutes each however, rather than 45. There are many cases when a team plays better in the second and suddenly bursts to life with a few successful tries and conversions which can easily mean the overall victory, as long as the team keeps its composure.

Teams consist of 13 players, so everyone has a crucial role. When you plan on betting on rugby check out who are the stars of the team, how good they have been playing recently, and if they will be playing in the match at all. After all, these are the people that usually determine the outcome of the game.

Most of all – have fun watching the game, it is really worth it.

Best Odds on the Wildcats vs. Panthers

Now we know some of you like to have a flutter and put your money where your mouths are when it comes to showing your unerring support for the Wildcats. So we’ve spent some time putting together some of the most appealing odds being offered for next weekend’s home game against the Bristol Panthers for you.

William Hill is offering 9/4 for a home victory for the Wildcats which we don’t think is as optimistic as they should be so for those of you with the same faith in our boys as we have that definitely might be one to look at. For the more pessimistic of you out there 28/1 is being offered for a draw. However, with an unusual five games last season, and on against the Panthers, finishing in stalemates that may be worth a punt at those odds.

5/2 for the Wildcats winning by at least eight points is also an interesting one as is 4/1 on Morrison opening the scoring.

Paddy Power are more optimistic on our boys putting the Panthers in their place with 7/4 being offered. However, they are offering what looks to be a pretty good opportunity on a win by at least 8 points with a very attractive 16/4 on the table. That one could be the pick of the day. Morrison is on 3/1 to open the scoring and Burnstein at 8/1 and 9/4 to go off injured before the end of the game. Obviously they don’t believe he has quite put last season’s injury problems behind him.

Betsson are matching William Hill’s offer of 9/4 for a home victory in Trinity but are just shy of mirroring Paddy Powers odds of 16/4 for a run-away victory by at eight points or more. Morrison is again unsurprisingly the favourite to open the scoring with Betsson going for an identical 3/1, equalling Paddy Power’s offer though Burnstein to open at 10/1 is probably the pick of the odds being offered here. No option on Burnstein not lasting the game here though so if the worst case scenario does come to pass we can all blame Paddy Power for jinxing our indomitable captain!