Best Odds on the Wildcats vs. Panthers

Now we know some of you like to have a flutter and put your money where your mouths are when it comes to showing your unerring support for the Wildcats. So we’ve spent some time putting together some of the most appealing odds being offered for next weekend’s home game against the Bristol Panthers for you.

William Hill is offering 9/4 for a home victory for the Wildcats which we don’t think is as optimistic as they should be so for those of you with the same faith in our boys as we have that definitely might be one to look at. For the more pessimistic of you out there 28/1 is being offered for a draw. However, with an unusual five games last season, and on against the Panthers, finishing in stalemates that may be worth a punt at those odds.

5/2 for the Wildcats winning by at least eight points is also an interesting one as is 4/1 on Morrison opening the scoring.

Paddy Power are more optimistic on our boys putting the Panthers in their place with 7/4 being offered. However, they are offering what looks to be a pretty good opportunity on a win by at least 8 points with a very attractive 16/4 on the table. That one could be the pick of the day. Morrison is on 3/1 to open the scoring and Burnstein at 8/1 and 9/4 to go off injured before the end of the game. Obviously they don’t believe he has quite put last season’s injury problems behind him.

Betsson are matching William Hill’s offer of 9/4 for a home victory in Trinity but are just shy of mirroring Paddy Powers odds of 16/4 for a run-away victory by at eight points or more. Morrison is again unsurprisingly the favourite to open the scoring with Betsson going for an identical 3/1, equalling Paddy Power’s offer though Burnstein to open at 10/1 is probably the pick of the odds being offered here. No option on Burnstein not lasting the game here though so if the worst case scenario does come to pass we can all blame Paddy Power for jinxing our indomitable captain!